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42 oz. Honey Allergy Honey

22 oz. Honey Bee Pollen Specialty Honey

Annual Raw Honey
for Natural Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief Annual Raw Honey

Bargian Priced:
per 22 oz Jar.

What some more facts?

Honey Information

Annual Raw Honey for
Natural Allergy Relief

Updated Aprial 18, 2019

Annual Raw Honey

All Natural Bee Pollen

1 Gallon of Raw Honey

12 oz Honey Bear Package

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All Natural Bee Pollen:
Though there are many reasons people use Bee Pollen.
The Number 1 is Energy. 
Can You use a little more Natural Energy?

Product Price: $13.00 each
1/2 lbs Bag


Four 12 oz Local Raw Seasonal
Honey Bears

Regular Price: $32.00
Special Offer: $25.00

Bee Pollen
Natural Energy

Product Price: $13.00 each
1/2 lbs Bag

Bee Pollen for Natural Energy

What some more facts?
Bee Pollen Information

Four Local Raw Honey
Bear Package

12 oz Local Raw Honey Pack

All Four Seasons
for One Reduced Price.

1 Gallon Florida Raw Honey

1 Gallon of Local Raw Honey and
a Little More
Keeping This Offer Around for A while
But Take Advantage of It and We Will
Keep it Going.

Here are the facts;
1 gallon of Honey weighs 192 ounces
5, 42 oz Jars of our Honey, weighs 210 ounces.

You get 5 (42 oz) jars of any combination of seasons. with FREE Shipping!

Special Price: $ 80.00
Regular Price: $100.00
Insert your season Selection in the "Request Window"
found at the bottom of the Checkout page.

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Blueberry  Raw Honey

Blueberry Honey
 Will Arrive in . . .
Still Waiting to Hear - Sorry

Product: 12 oz. Blueberry Honey

Price: $8.00

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when Our Blueberry Honey
Will be Available in 2019.

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Cinnamon Creamed Honey


Product: Cinnamon
Creamed Honey

Price: $5.00



Raspberry Creamed Honey


Product: Raspberry
Creamed Honey

Price: $5.00



Local Raw Honey Bears 

12 oz.
Seasonal Raw Honey Bears


Product: 12 oz. Bear
Seasonal Local Raw Honey

!2 oz Raw Honey Bear Special
Includes: 4 Bears
one Bear per Season


Price:  $8.00 each





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