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Tupelo Raw Honey 3 lbs Jar

Black Gum Tupelo

Black Gum Tupelo trees bloom in May to June each year in the swamps of North Florida two weeks before the Holly. 
 It takes over 3,000,000 flowers for 1 lb. of honey!

TASTE - Light and delicate. Very thick and low in moisture.
Complex finish slightly more robust than white blossom tupelo

 Price: $ 30.00

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Orange Blossom Raw Honey

Orange Blossom Honey

Florida Orange Blossom honey is prized for its taste. 
Each year in March the blooms from the orange trees
fill the air and beekeepers move their hives into the
orange groves. 

This is our most popular raw, unfiltered honey in the stores. 
 Very different from Texas honey, orange blossom honey from California or Arizona honey.


PRICE: $ 30.00

Wildflower Raw Honey 3 lbs Glass Jar

Wild Flower Honey

Our Wildflower honey is a little different each season.
The bees forage on many different floral sources
to create a raw Wildflower Honey. Harvest times are typically
Spring, Summer and Fall. Wildflower Honey contains the
most diverse range of pollens that change over time
with each season.

We cold pack our honey nice and slow to preserve the enzymes and leave the good stuff in the jar.

Always raw and unfiltered.

PRICE: $ 30.00


Mangrove Honey

Mangrove trees in state preserve remote islands in Florida.
Each summer the Mangrove trees produce an
organic nectar rich flower the bees love to use to make
his raw unfiltered honey.

This is a special ocean honey from a dwindling habitat.
The bees are using Mangrove trees from
protected state lands that are free of pesticides.

PRICE: $ 30.00